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Frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy in General

All items except strings are to be returned within 14 days. If the item is broken after 30 days of product purchase, we will decipher whether the return is accepted. Typically, items show signs of use and wear by 14 days, but if a case handle falls off after 2 months, call us and we probably will be able to accommodate you. We expect you to cover the return shipping charge. Extraordinary wear and tear or intentional breakage are not covered.

Defective Item Return/Refund

Any defective items excluding strings are to be notified within 7 days of receipt. The item cost is to be refunded on your credit card or a free replacement is to be sent (with no shipping charge for light items) the same day you call, provided you call early in the morning. The defective item and/or broken item have/has to be returned to us, preferably in the original packaging to save the hassle of time and cost, so we can take preventative measures, if possible, and may be able to obtain credit from the supplier. Please include a receipt of the shipping charge on the defective item so we can provide refund through the appropriate method. It is difficult to refund on a different credit card and we could try if you contact us early. If you choose not to replace the product, we normally refund the cost of the product and the return shipping.

Items to Note on Return Packaging

Please ensure the packaging is adequately packed and padded to prevent or lessen any or further damage. The return sticker is for easy handling and shipping, please place it in an easily visible spot outside the packaging.