Violin Model 605

Violin Model 605


The 605 model is a high quality violin suitable for all players. The used violin will have been worn in by the previous player which will produce much better sound than when brand new.

The workmanship and varnish are excellent and of the highest quality.

  • Wood: Highest quality maple and spruce
  • Type of Varnish: Spirit
  • Strings: New Sensicore synthetic strings - aluminum-E and A, silver-D and G (valued at $35)
  • Accessories: Ebony wood pegs and ebony tailpiece. Comes with foam oblong case (valued at $69) and high quality violin bow (valued at $120)
  • All of our instruments are professionally setup in our shop and ready to play

Used Violins

All our used violins are quite new, usually 70-95% new. Used instruments tend to sound better as the wood has already been worn in by the previous player. The instruments are professionally re-setup and some older parts can be replaced for newer ones for sale. We offer synthetic or chrome strings. The photos above are a sample of the model; upon ordering, we will choose a violin in the same model from our inventory, so the actual violin may be slightly different from the one shown.

In general, the violins are in good order and have no cracks or major problems. There may be minor scratches from regular use, but no significant defect that would impact the sound output.

Please contact us for more details about each individual instrument.


If you are in need of a shoulder rest with your used violin, we may be able to offer you a discount; please inform us upon ordering.

Shipping / Pickup

  • We allow local pickup of used violins at our shop in Vancouver.
  • Buyers are offered a 10 day trial period once the violin shipment is received.
  • We will ship the instrument within the next business day once the payment clears.
  • Returns: If you are not satisfied with the violin, you may ship it back to us for a full refund, money back guaranteed (buyer is responsible for return shipment costs).


  • We accept PayPal through the online order form.
  • For credit card, bank transfers, and cheques, please contact us in advance.

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